How to Make a Weekly Menu Plan at Home

Rather than planning every day during the week, you can focus by creating a menu that your family can follow.  A menu plan increases efficiency at home since children or the house- helps are aware of what the family’s meal plan looks like. You can start by choosing one meal at the beginning as you gradually what meals the family prefers. Before generating a menu, consider the meals your family likes eating together to create a desirable meal plan. Consider the following:

Generate a List of Trusted Recipes

This is not the time of testing new recipes onmeals your family; instead, create a menu from the recipes they know and love. Also, you can ask for their input on what will be on the list.  Giving your family and opportunity to contribute to the menu gives them ownership and enthusiasm to keep up with it. It is unlikely that they will complain about something they contributed to its creation.

Sort the Recipes by Proteins

Even individuals who love eating certain meals, for example, a chicken will tire if they eat it for dinner every night.  If you mean serving one type of protein almost every day, go back and revise it. Ensure it alternate proteins, so they are not eating chicken on consecutive days.

Make Your List

Once you decide on the meals you will be serving, write it down a one-sided paper. Then take another piece of paper and make a list of ingredients. Do not forget to write a list of spices and condiments too. Then consolidate your work for ease when using it. Creating a list will guide you and anyone else preparing family meals.

Post It

Once you have generated a perfect meal that matches the family’s interests, hang it on the wall so that everyone can see. Hanging will ensure everyone is aware of the day’s menu. It is not about saving your voice, but once they are aware of the meals prepared at home, they will change their habits of stopping by a drive-through as they often do. Furthermore, the menu will intensify their enthusiasm for individual meals at home.

Just Do It

For a successful menu plan, do your shopping so that you can serve meals based on your weekly meal plan. Note down things that did not work well and find a is your responsibility to ensure that the menu works. You can create another list for the next week and then keep rotating them to avoid monotony.…