Food Poisoning

Main Organisms That Cause Food Poisoning

Main Organisms That Cause Food Poisoning (2)

Many people from all over the world face the problem with food poisoning at some period in life.

The symptoms are different and depend on the type of bacteria.

For this reason, there is one question like – what are the organisms that cause food poisoning? The answer is versatile because there are so many organisms that have this impact on the body.

Few of them are the most common, so take a look at the following information.

Salmonella is widely spread

Main Organisms That Cause Food Poisoning (1)Maybe the most popular and the most spread organism in food could be very dangerous.

It is Salmonella, the inhabitant of meat, eggs and poultry.

Water is also possible home of this bacterium, especially in rural areas where examination of water is not fully applied. Vegetables and fresh fruits could also be sources, but in less percent.

Important thing is how poisoning with Salmonella is usually detected. There are few symptoms that emphasize the Salmonella in metabolism. Some of them are fever, cramps in the area of abdomen and diarrhea.

It takes a long period to eliminate this bacterium from human body. Sometimes, it is more than six months, depending on the overall health and immune system.

The main prevention is solid cooking of food and using high temperatures, which causes destroying of Salmonella.

Other popular organisms

Main Organisms That Cause Food Poisoning (3)If Salmonella is number one organism in food poisoning, then Escherichia coli is the second one when it comes to percent of occurring.

Pay attention to the quality of milk and water you consume every day. Lightly cooked meat could be dangerous as well.

Escherichia coli is the cause of symptoms like inflammation and sickness, but all of that can be eliminated by proper food preparation. Other harmful organisms are Staphylococcus aerus and Bacillus cereus, which are residents of meat products and some vegetables.

Some cooked rice is sometimes not safe and first symptoms can be visible right after the eating. Nausea, stomach pain and vomiting are possible body reactions.

All these bacteria answer the question – what are the organisms that cause food poisoning? The best possible way to avoid them is proper cooking and careful preparing of food you consume. Be sure that you use high temperature, because most bacteria are not resistant to it.

Prevention is usually the most important thing in maintaining good health, so take into account all mentioned types of advice when you want to protect yourself from food poisoning.